Funeral Homes and Grief

By: Ron Curry
Monday, June 18, 2018

Funeral homes are a big part of the American funeral tradition for a reason: they offer helpful services in planning and executing funerals so families can heal and move forward.

Funeral homes offer five main benefits when it comes to grief:

  1. Ritual: The formal funeral service held in a funeral home is a ritual that gives important cultural and religious meaning. It helps family and friends deal with loss in a safe and stabilized way while also offering a way for families, loved ones and friends to honor the deceased and help support others that are also experiencing the loss.
  2. Connection: Funeral homes bring loved ones together. The support of family and friends is crucial for an effective and healthy grief process, and funeral homes provide the chance for people to lend that support to one another. Creating a safe space to share memories, celebrate moments and feel loss in a group, funeral homes offer connection.
  3. Healing: Funerals provide the opportunity for expressing grief in a healthy and supported way, an integral moment for beginning the healing process, and funeral homes give a space for such expression.
  4. Honoring the Deceased: Your deceased family member or loved one deserves respect, care and dignity. Funeral homes will treat the deceased with respect, and by hosting a funeral in a funeral home you can feel you’ve done the same.
  5. Saying Goodbye: The most important benefit of having a funeral in a funeral home is the chance to say final goodbyes. These moments offer a small amount of closure, which can greatly help with healing and moving forward.

Meaningful Funerals at Funeral Homes

Just throwing together any old funeral might not have all of those 5 benefits, and lots of people worry that having a funeral in a funeral home will mean a cookie-cutter ceremony without any heart. However, with the right thought and planning, you can easily host a meaningful and personalized funeral in a funeral home. When planning funerals, you must take time to remember, reflect and carefully choose what pieces, events and moments will make your loved one’s funeral meaningful for both you and the deceased.

Make the funeral home service a unique and special tribute to the deceased. How do you do this? The sky’s the limit. Meaningful funeral home funerals can have lots of different aspects, from music and poems to flowers, photos, attendees and almost everything in between. As long as the funeral’s components are representative of the deceased’s life and impact, the funeral home will transform into a special place of memorialization.

In Conclusion

A funeral is a key part of the healing process after a loss and can be a positive influence on your ability to move forward after a death. Working with a compassionate, professional and experienced funeral home in Princeton, NJ can help you with planning a meaningful funeral, and Plinton Curry Funeral Home will do just that. Visit one of our two locations near Princeton, NJ: 411 West Broad Street, Westfield, NJ 07090 or 428 Elizabeth Ave. Somerset, NJ 08873 or give us a call at 732-469-3300 or 908-232-6869 to learn more.

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