Terms You Should Know for Cremations

By: Ron Curry
Monday, May 28, 2018

The following is a list of cremation terms that are important to know for a basic understanding of cremation so you can be better prepared when faced with a loss.

Cremation: The process of heating human remains into bone fragments and gas as a method of speeding decomposition.

Crematorium: The building that houses the cremation chamber. They can be single service buildings, or multi-purpose facilities that offer services for cremations and funerals.

Cremation Chamber: A small room or enclosure built to stand up to intense temperatures, usually lined with tile or brick, where the cremation takes place.

Cremation Container: A type of case or container in which the body is cremated. Made from commutable materials, these boxes are rigid for easy handling and big enough to enclose the entire body.

Memorialization: This is a general term referring to what is done with the remains after cremation. Some common options are interring the remains in a columbarium or family cemetery, scattering, tree planting, and interment.

Urn: Urns are traditional receptacles for cremated remains. They come in almost limitless shapes and sizes and can be personalized in almost any way. Urns can be whatever you can dream up, from glass, wood and bronze to golf ball shaped, engraved and more.

Cremation Box: Families can purchase urns for the remains. If they chose not to, the crematorium provides a simple container in which to house the remains

Niche: In terms of cremations, niches are recessed spaces built to hold cremation urns or cremation boxes filled with cremated remains. They can be found in columbarium or mausoleums.

Columbarium: A columbarium is a building or space made to house cremated remains in niches. They are permanent structures and are typically built out of marble, concrete, brick or stone. You can also sometimes find columbarium outdoors or in a garden.

Scattering Garden: An outdoor area specifically set aside for cremated remains to be scattered. A common space, the remains are mixed in the soil. You can find scattering gardens in some cemeteries.

Interment: Placing cremated remains in an urn or other container permanently. The urn is then housed in a columbarium, mausoleum or displayed somewhere else.

Cremated Remains: Cremated remains are not ashes; they are actually pulverized bone fragments reduced to ash size in a special machine. The bone fragments left after cremation are cooled, then placed in the grinder.

Direct Cremation: A type of cremation service in which the body is cremated directly after death without embalming, viewing, or a funeral service. Direct cremation prices are usually flat rates and include transportation for the body from the place of death to the crematory or funeral home.

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