All About Direct Cremations

By: Ron Curry
Monday, July 2, 2018

Did you know that “cremation” is actually a broad term that encompasses lots of different methods, niches and types? Its true! Just like “whiskey” can mean bourbon or rye, cremation can refer to other types. One such type is direct cremation.

Direct cremation is a disposition method in which the deceased’s body is cremated almost immediately following death without a funeral or memorial beforehand. Direct cremation is usually known as a more inexpensive disposition method, but it has other benefits as well. Read on to learn more about direct cremations in Westfield, NJ.

Who, What, Where, When and Why

In direct cremation the body is cremated right after the death, meaning that the body is cremated without any sort of funeral or memorial first. Oftentimes families choose to use a crematory rather than a funeral home for a direct cremation to save money, many funeral homes do offer cost effective direct cremations.

There is no visitation, wake or viewing with a direct cremation as the body is cremated right away. This allows the family to skip embalming to save money and be more eco-friendly. Family, loved ones, or executors can also choose to have the body cremated in a simple container, rather than a traditional and more expensive casket, as there is no need for ornamentation for a viewing or service.

Just because there is no service right away doesn’t mean that direct cremation in Westfield, NJ disallows any service at all. In fact, direct cremations allow the family to plan a memorial service at a later date, which makes scheduling flexibility easier so more people can attend. Also, a longer timeline means even more time to plan a personalized and unique service.

New Jersey and the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule protect consumers who choose direct cremation. Your direct cremation rights include:

You are not required to purchase or use a casket
The crematory or funeral home must furnish a wood box or alternate container for the direct cremation
The funeral home or crematory must return the remains to you in an urn provided by yourself. If you do not provide and urn, they will return the remains to you in a basic container.

Planning Direct Cremations in Westfield, NJ

Typically, crematory or funeral home staff take care of all direct cremation aspects. This includes transporting the body to the crematory and completing a death certificate form.

Take care to plan for what you’re doing with the cremated remains after the direct cremation. There are almost countless options, from burying them in a crematory plot, columbarium, or pre-determined cemetery to scattering or making memorial jewelry.

In Conclusion

Direct cremation is a valid option, and is especially desirable if you are looking to avoid extra cremation or funeral costs like preparing the body, casket, extensive transportation, or funeral services. Some funeral homes and crematories also charge lower basic service fees for direct cremation to save you even more money.  

Plinton Curry Funeral Home offers a myriad of cremation services in Westfield, NJ from two locations: 411 West Broad Street Westfield NJ 07090 and 428 Elizabeth Ave Somerset NJ 08873. Contact us today to learn more about direct cremation and our Westfield, NJ cremations at 908-232-6869 or 732-469-3300.

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