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A funeral is a time when you gather the family to remember the person that you have lost. If you are carrying the responsibility of planning a funeral in Princeton, NJ, then you need to consider the preferences of your family. Accommodating the requests of everyone in attendance is hard. So, it is important that you design the day to match the preferences of the deceased.

Not only is a funeral service a time when you can showcase the person’s life accomplishments. But, this event is also an opportunity for people to say goodbye. Grief counselors have found that a funeral service is an important time for closure as individuals are working through the grief.

At Plinton Curry Funeral Home, we understand the challenges that you face when you are planning a funeral or cremation. You are always invited to visit one of our locations to see how we can support during this time. Our team offers the logistical support that you need when planning a funeral. You can also lean on us as you are working through the grief and loss.

Cremation or Casket: A Difficult Decision

Traditions vary from family to family. Some people have used a casket burial for many generations. So, it is assumed that a casket should be used for the funeral. On the other hand, some religious ceremonies involve cremation.

But, there are situations where you might choose to break the tradition. You need to think about the requests of the deceased, ensuring that the funeral plan matches their desires.

Here are a few things to consider if you are trying to choose between a cremation or casket burial:

  • Where should the person be laid to rest? If you want to have a headstone in a cemetery, then you can choose a casket burial or cremation. The ashes can be laid in the family burial plot. On the other hand, cremation provides more options for the final resting place: a memorial urn, scattering, or memory garden.
  • What is your budget for the funeral: There's no doubt that cremations tend to be cheaper than a traditional funeral and burial. Families sometimes choose a direct cremation to save money on the funeral expenses.
  • What were the requests of the deceased: Did the person indicate the way they wanted to be laid to rest? If the person requested cremation, then it is important that you respect those wishes.
  • Are there religious beliefs that need to be considered? Most religions are supportive of cremation. The best way to know if religious practices should be addressed is by talking to your religious leader before the cremation is performed.

Whether you choose a casket burial or cremation, you have the flexibility to choose the way the event should be planned. A casket and cremation only dictate the way the body is laid to rest. You can design the other details of the day, such as funeral or graveside services, a meal that is served, the family activities, and more.

Pre-Planning to Avoid Stress Before the Funeral

How will your family feel if they need to face the burden of planning the funeral after you are gone? It is a very emotional time for people to lose someone. Often, family members get stuck with the decisions because they are immobilized by the grief.

Don’t leave this stressful situation to the people that you love. One of the best gifts that you can leave behind is a funeral that is already planned and financed. You can use our online form to start the process of funeral planning. These pre-planning services are designed to help you eliminate the burden that is left on your family.

One of the advantages of pre-planning is that you can choose the details for this important day. Do you have requests regarding the final resting place or the type of casket that is used? We can record these details, ensuring that everything matches your desires when the funeral is scheduled. You can have the peace of mind to know that everything will be handled in the right way.

Pre-planning also gives you the chance to pay for the services in advance. Your family doesn’t need to face the financial stress after you are gone. Talk to our team to learn more about the various payment options that are available for pre-planning services.

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