Renee Sarah White

Renee Sarah White was born January 27, 1954 to Jesse Moore, and Elizabeth O'Neil in Newark, New Jersey. Surrounded by her loving family, Renee was called home to be with the Lord on July 25, 2019. 

As a child, Renee was raised in the Moorish Science Temple of America located in Newark, New Jersey.  She was a child of the lord who eventually found a home at New Salem Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey. 

Renee, who was often lovingly referred to as Na-na, Big Red or Nazy grew up in Newark, New Jersey. As a young girl, she attended Avon Avenue Elementary School and graduated from Barringer High School. She later attended Essex County College where she majored in nursing. 

Renee was a dedicated and extremely hard worker.  She almost never missed a day of work.  She was an employee at the Veterans Administration for over 35 years.  She was a model employee that eventually earned recognition as an employee of the month on numerous occasions.  Her dedication eventually led to Renee becoming a supervisor in her department.  In addition to being employed by the Veterans Administration in both Lyons and East Orange, New Jersey, she also worked at the Veterans Home in Edison, New Jersey for 22 years. 

Renee’s biggest pleasure was living the gift that is life. She worked extremely hard to support her two children whom she loved with all of her heart.  Through all of her hard work, she was able to create the lifestyle she desired to live.  She rewarded herself by showering herself and those she loved with gifts.   Renee’s pride and joy was her beautiful home. She enjoyed shopping during her spare time which she affectionately referred to as “browsing.”  Renee loved to go “browsing” with Cousin Jackie and her nephew Chester to purchase items to decorate her home.  She loved “classy,” beautiful, elegant things and aspired to create an environment in her home that was reflective of that.   Renee also enjoyed dancing, singing, and socializing with family, and friends and never strayed away from being the life of the party. One other thing Renee loved is Popeye’s Chicken.  She should have had stock in the company and would have been an amazing spokesperson since she ate it and loved eating Popeyes so much.  

Renee is the eldest of eight children and a loving mother to two children. After all the years of love, protection and building her dynasty, Renee heads home to the Lord and leaves to cherish her daughter Shonda Green,  son Saheid White, son-in-law Terrance Green and daughter-in-law Kyreesha Thomas.  She is the beloved grandmother of Keiara White, Aniyah White, Miyah White, TJ Green, Jaziah White, Trevaun Green, Mylan White, Mekhi White, D’Shon Green, and Cameron Green.  She is the caring sister to Tildie Hall, Melinda Townes, Angela O’Neil, Terrell O’Neil and elder sister of brothers Bernard O'Neil, and Jerome O’Neil. She also leaves to cherish, mother-in-law Eliza White, brother-in-law Otis Townes, Shelton White and sister-in-law Cynthia Scott, Ursula White, Glenda White, and Valerie White.

Her spirit is reunited with her mother Elizabeth, her brother Timothy, and nephew Ravanna O’Neil and grandson Saheid Jr. Her legacy that will forever live on through the lives she created and touched, which is why even though she is no longer with us, her spirit will forever live on.