Obituary of Jerry Lee

Jerry Lee, affectionately called Rock came to live at 17-135 Rock Creek Terrace Englewood, NJ on July 13,
2013. Rock was the life of the party sitting on the bench in the afternoons people watching. He had an
eye for the ladies. Rock would always have a smile on his face and a kiss for your hand. Always the
gentlemen. Rocks affections were not one sided the ladies loved him right back.
Rock attended the Medical Adult Daycare at the Gallen Center in Rockleigh NJ. He was loved by the staff
as well as the Administration. He would often sit at a table in a quiet corner and read the Jewish
newspaper. Rock would participate in various center activities: games, musical instruments, painting,
and nature walks. The center was a place where he could socialize away from home he loved it there.
Rock’s favorite past time at home would be to watch television Sandford and Son and Goodtimes were
two of his favorites. He loved the music channel I would often catch him humming along. Rock loved to
eat his favorites were hamburgers and french fries and london broil, fried corn, macaroni and cheese.
He loved his snacks: ice cream, cookies, potato chips and cake.
Rock was a member of the Nation of Islam even in his debilitated state he do his selat while at the
doctors office. There was a huge picture facing the east the doctor would ask me often what's he doing
and I would reply “Praying” . Of course his doctor was Jewish that was Rock and my inside joke. Rock
would read his final call also he had a container full if them. He refused to let me get rid of them no
matter how much they piled up. The Brothers would come and visit him and Brother Marklon and his
wife would often call and check to see if he needed anything.
Rock was very loved not only by humans but by his dogs Lailah, Ruckus,and his favorite Mychelle. Rock
loved Mychelle he would let her out of her cage to play or go out. Rock would kiss and rub her like she
was a baby. Mychelle loved him right back. When he was in the hospital she would guard his chair no
one could invade his space.
Rock loved children his face would lite up as soon as they would come to visit. Rock was very patient and
would listen to their chatter and laugh and smile. He also was a very good at babysitting Aja while she
was pregnant he would give her his full attention. Staying up late at night with her and eating snacks and
checking to see if she was alright. As soon as the baby was born we brought him straight home to
Uncle Rocks arms. He was so happy he hugged and kissed his forehead and laugh.
Rock loved to go for rides in the car Jeffrey would often put him in the car and take him for a ride. Rock
would come home smiling from ear to ear. I would ask Jeff where have you been and he would say don't
say nothing Rock that’s our business. Rock would laugh and shake his head up and down yes.
Rock touched the lives of everyone he came in contact with he is so loved by everyone. He was an angel
on earth. I thank God for allowing us to love and care for him we love you and we miss you so much.