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At Plinton Curry, we view each funeral not just as a service, but as a celebration of life. We strive to transform this time into an opportunity to honor and remember the life lived, rather than solely a moment of sorrow. Our services are accessible worldwide, ensuring families can focus on healing without the burden of financial stress or grieving alone. We have proudly supported families globally, regardless of financial circumstances, through our enduring commitment to care during times of need.

In dealing with the loss of a loved one, families deserve utmost respect and compassion. At Plinton Curry Funeral Home, we focus on meeting the unique needs of each family, alleviating the stress of funeral planning. Our experienced team efficiently handles arrangements and strives for perfection in fulfilling your wishes. With over 20 years of trusted service, we are committed to excellence and providing a fitting tribute to celebrate the lifetime of your loved one.

Why Plinton Curry Funeral Home?

What People Are Saying About Us

"A beautiful staff they are very professional people they sent my husband away very nicely just want to say thank you Wanda Higgins" ~ lance Higgins

"They are very professional and they provided us with a better service then previous funeral homes my family had gone to in the past. Helpful?" ~ Jessica Edwards

"Words cannot express the love and support Mr. Curry and his staff provided my family during our time of need. Such professionalism. I thank God for them laying my sister Wakilia "Betty" Williams to rest so Beautifully.. Thank you so much to the Plinton-Curry family." ~ AJ