Catering Menu

At Plinton Curry, we believe in providing our families an all inclusive service. We have developed a menu that caters to you. In addition to that menu, we also can offer other types of cuisine as well as vegan and vegetarian options to satisfy your specific needs. We would be honored to cater for a loved one's celebration of life or any type of occasion. Our highly skilled cooks are ready to cater for your event. 


Full Plan

Half Plan

Baked/Fried Turkey Wings


BBQ Chicken

Roasted Chicken$85.00


Baby Back Ribs$170.00$90.00
Meatballs w/Gravy$85.00$50.00
Roast Beef w/Gravy$125.00$65.00

Fried Chicken

Smothered Chicken$120.00$65.00
Buffalo Wings$100.00$55.00
DJ's Wings$140.00$85.00
Jerk Chicken$90.00$45.00
Smothered Pork Chops$140.00$75.00
Fillet Mignon$250.00$125.00
Prime Rib$150.00N/A
Fried Catfish$150.00$80.00
Fried Whiting$110.00$60.00
Fried Swai$110.00$60.00
Baked Salmon$135.00$65.00
Salmon Cakes$100.00$55.00
Steam ShrimpPrices VaryPrices Vary
Fried Shrimp$250.00$140.00
Crab CakesPrices Vary
Prices Vary
Vegetable Lasagna $120.00$65.00
Meat & Cheese Lasagna $125.00$67.50
Baked Ziti (Beef or Turkey)$125.00


Full Plan

Half Plan

Baked Mac & Cheese$110.00$60.00
Black Eyed-Peas & Rice$75.00N/A
Candied Yams$60.00$35.00
Red Beans & Rice$70.00N/A
Collard Greens$110.00$60.00
String Beans/Lima Beans
Cabbage (Fried/Steamed)$65.00$37.50
Potato Salad$80.00$47.50
Mac & Tuna Salad$75.00$42.00
Cream Corn$55.00$30.00
Corn Pudding$65.00$32.50
Rice & Beans (Black/Red)$60.00$35.00
Rice (Yellow/White)$40.00$25.00
Green Salad/Spinach Salad$55.00$30.00
Seafood Salad (Hot/Cold)$110.00 & Up Prices Vary

Sandwich Platters

Full Plan

Half Plan

Cold SubsPrices VaryPrices Vary
Hot SubsPrices VaryPrices Vary


Full Plan

Half Plan

Peach Cobbler$95.00$50.00
Pound Cake (12 Slices)$45.00N/A
Sweet Potato Pie$20.00N/A
Banana Pudding$100.00$55.00

Add On Items

Wait Staff$85.00/per
Utensil Packs.25/each
Chafing Racks$10.00/each
DJ's Iced Tea$2.00/gal
DJ's Lemonade$3.00/gal
DJ's Uptown$3.00/gal