Funeral Home and Cremations: Planning These Services in Edison, NJ

When you are facing the difficulty of planning a funeral, the first step is to choose a funeral home that will support your desires. There are a variety of funeral services available in Edison, NJ. But, not all of these companies will cater to customized funeral services.

At Plinton Curry Funeral Home, we know that funeral services should be unique to each situation. We are here to support your goals of showcasing the life and achievements of the deceased. Our team offers a wide range of options that include traditional funeral services as well as alternatives, such as cremations.

Making the Difficult Decisions When You Lose Someone You Love

It can be a challenge to work through the grief and plan a funeral at the same time. Some people are so overwhelmed by the loss that they have a hard time processing the decisions that need to be addressed. It is important to remember that you don’t need to carry this burden by yourself. Instead, lean on the expertise of our professional team.

We have planned many funerals in the area. As a result, we have optimized the process to minimize the stress of the event. Our team will oversee the logistics of the day, giving you the opportunity to spend time with your family.

What decisions need to be addressed before the funeral? We will ask specific questions to learn about your preferences Then we can provide recommendations based on the needs of your family. These are some of the topics that will need to be discussed before the funeral:

  • Where will the funeral be held? Choose from a funeral home, church, event center, outdoor location, or any other place that matches your preferences.
  • What type of casket or urn would you like to use? We offer a variety of styles and colors. Or, you are welcome to bring the urn if you have something specific in mind.
  • Where will the person be laid to rest? If you decide that a casket burial is the right service, then you will need to select a cemetery for the burial. On the other hand, cremations allow you more flexibility for the final resting place.
  • Do you want to have a viewing or visitation? Some families prefer to have an open-casket event where people can come to say goodbye. Usually, embalming is done before the viewing to help with the preservation of the body.
  • Should you have a funeral or Celebration of Life? A funeral is a great solution if you want to incorporate family, religious, or other traditions. But, some people prefer a day to celebrate the person that has been lost. A Celebration of Life might be an alternative method to choose.
  • Where should the cremated ashes be laid to rest? If you choose cremation instead of a traditional burial, then you have many options for the final resting place. The ashes can be stored in an urn at home. You can choose to have the ashes buried in a cemetery with a headstone. Or, you might scatter the ashes in a location of your choice.
  • Should an obituary be published? It is common for the family to have an obituary published. Not only does this notification place a notice that the person passed away, but it also offers details about the services that will be held. Family and friends will know where to attend the viewing and funeral.

Other decisions need to be addressed as well. Our team can provide the detailed guides that need to be followed to ensure that we don’t overlook details of the event.

Pre-Planning for a Funeral or Cremation

Don’t overlook the benefits of funeral pre-planning. There is no reason why you need to leave these decisions to your family after you are gone. Instead, you can work through the details over time, ensuring that the funeral is designed to match your preferences.

One of the benefits of pre-planning is that you can eliminate the situation where your family will decide the funeral details in emotional distress. Often, the experience leads to decisions that are based on emotions, causing the costs and complexity to go up.

Pre-planning gives you the opportunity relieve the burden on your family after you are gone. You can make the decisions that will protect the financial future of the people that you love. Plus, you can pre-pay for the services that so there isn’t the burden of the finances after the funeral is over.

At Plinton Curry Funeral Home, we offer immediate funeral services, cremations, and pre-planning options in Edison, NJ. Call us for more information about the ways that we can support your family during this time. Stop by either of our locations if you would like to learn more: 411 West Broad Street, Westfield, NJ. 07090, call (908) 232-6869. Or, 428 Elizabeth Ave. Somerset, NJ. 08873, call (732) 469-3300