Choosing the Services of a Funeral Home and Cremations in Newark, NJ

Losing someone that you love can be an emotional, difficult experience. Not only do you need to face the grief, but you also need to work through funeral details. Instead of carrying the burden by yourself, it is best to choose a trusted funeral home in Newark, NJ.

It doesn’t matter if the death was sudden and unexpected or if it was a long time coming, it can still be a shock to say goodbye to someone that you love. This experience often creates a heightened emotional state, resulting in a situation that can be hard to process. You can lean on our support so that we can help you move through the decisions regarding the funeral plan.

Funeral, Memorial or Celebration

It is common for a ceremony to be planned before a person is buried or cremated. This event is a chance for family and friends to gather so that they can say their final goodbyes. When a loved one passes away, it is important to have an event to attend as part of the grieving process.

Funerals are often based on tradition, giving people a chance to share their fondest memories. But, it doesn’t have to be a solemn event. Instead, you need to consider the requests of your family members and find a way that you can honor the person you have lost.

Many families prefer to stick with a traditional funeral, including the viewing, funeral, and graveside event. But, there are others who prefer to plan a celebration instead. This alternative method is often known as a Celebration of Life.

What is the Right Type of Funeral Service to Plan?

There are instances where the deceased pre-arranged the funeral details. In this situation, the funeral will be designed to match the requests of the person. But, there are many times when pre-planning wasn’t done, and it is up to the family to decide on the details.

The type of service that you choose is entirely up to you and the needs of your family. Most of the time, the services are held at a funeral home, church, or place of worship. But, there are also options to have the funeral at an event center, outside, or in any other location that you prefer.

Consider the elements of the funeral service that will match the desires of the deceased. For example, it is nice to have a military service if the person spent time in the armed forces. Or, families often include religious traditions if the service is held in a church.

If you don’t want to have a traditional service, then we encourage you to talk to our team about the non-traditional options that we can offer. You can choose from a variety of details, such as the music and type of food at the event. Also, consider ways that you can incorporate activities for the family members to share. The goal of a funeral director is to accommodate your requests. So, don’t be nervous about requesting the details that will support your family.

Options for a Personalized Funeral or Cremation

More and more families are choosing personalized funeral services instead of a traditional plan. There isn’t a right or wrong way to celebrate the life of someone that you love!

We can provide the details and that you need for the funeral. For example, some people want to release doves, balloons, or lanterns at the cemetery or during the funeral services. In other situations, a live band Is brought in to highlight the person’s love of music.

We can also accommodate requests for certain types of food or drinks at a Celebration of Life. Catering the person’s favorite meal is a great way to show that you care about their life.

The Support of a Funeral Director

A funeral director is a person that oversees all of the details after a person dies. Not only will your funeral director help with the funeral plans, but they will also take care of the logistics for transportation, cemetery communication, and more.

You should talk to the funeral director regarding your requests for the final resting place of the body and the details of the event. Then, the logistics will be handled by the funeral team under the guidance of the funeral director. Additionally, a funeral director offers the support that is needed when the family is working through the grief and loss.

Funeral Services in Newark, NJ

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