Planning Advice for Funeral Home and Cremation Services in South Plainfield, NJ

Choosing a good funeral home is the first step that you need to take when it is time to plan a funeral. Even though you might feel paralyzed by the grief, it is important that you reach out to a supportive team during this time of need. Our funeral home and cremation services in South Plainfield, NJ can be catered to match the requests of your family.

At Plinton Curry Funeral Home, we understand the challenge that it can be to lose someone that you love. Our team provides more than just funeral logistics. We offer the support and care that you need to get through this difficult time. Not only will we oversee the logistics for the funeral or memorial, but we also handle the details behind the scenes.

Planning a Funeral for Someone that You Love

When you are planning the funeral, you need to consider the needs and preferences of the deceased. Sometimes, families will have information that was left by the deceased about their requests for their final resting place. But, many times the funeral is unexpected, leaving the family in a situation where they need to guess the person’s wishes.

How do you decide when you are working through the grief at the same time? Our funeral home has a proven system to identify the right questions that will guide the process. We understand what you are experiencing, so we always work hard to offer care and respect every step of the way.

These are some of the decisions that you need to consider when planning a funeral or cremation:

  • Where would you like to hold the funeral? Many times, the easiest solution is to have the services at our funeral home. It is also common for families to request to have the funeral in a church or another meeting location.
  • Do you have a preferred style or color for the casket? You can view the caskets that are available at our funeral home. We also offer a variety of urns.
  • Can I bring an urn from another store? Yes! You are welcome to provide the urn if you have something that you would like to use. Otherwise, we can help you choose from the urns in our store.
  • Where is the final resting place? For a casket burial, you need to have a cemetery plot where the person will be laid to rest. Cremations give you the flexibility of choosing another location if you prefer. Cremated ashes can also be buried in a cemetery, or you can keep them at home or scatter the ashes in a location of your choice.
  • Will you have a viewing? Sometimes families like to have a viewing so that friends and family members can say goodbye with an open casket. But, you are welcome to skip the viewing and embalming if it doesn’t suit the needs of your family.
  • Do we need to publish an obituary? It is usually a good idea to have an obituary published. This notification will let people know about the passing. Also, the obituary is a way that you can share the time and location of the funeral service.
  • Is it better to have a funeral or Celebration of Life? The choice is up to you! Grief experts have found that it is important to have a gathering where people can find closure in the loss. But, the style of the event should be based on your preferences.

There is a long list of questions that need to be addressed when you are planning a funeral. Talk to our team to learn more about the process that will be followed when the funeral or cremation is scheduled.

Pre-Planning: The Best Solution for Cremations and Funerals

Have you considered the benefits of pre-planning? Leave your family with the best gift by pre-planning the funeral and paying for the services in advance. We offer planning services that allow you to choose the details of your day.

You can work with our team to choose the type of funeral you want and the place where you would like to be laid to rest. We will hold this information on file, and then ensure the funeral goes according to plan after you are gone. Pre-planning enables you to pre-pay for the services so that your family doesn’t need to worry about the financial burden.

Whether you are interested in pre-planning or you need immediate funeral services in South Plainfield, NJ, call Plinton Curry Funeral Home. We have two convenient locations that you can visit: 411 West Broad Street, Westfield, NJ. 07090, or call (908) 232-6869. Or visit our other funeral home if it is closer to you: 428 Elizabeth Ave. Somerset, NJ. 08873, or call (732) 469-3300