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When you are faced with the task of planning a funeral, it is essential that you choose a trustworthy funeral home to help with the arrangements. Funeral planning can be a stressful situation, which is why you need an experienced team to help. Look for a company near your home in Westfield, NJ. Then, schedule a consultation to ensure that the funeral home offers the services that you need.

At Plinton Curry Funeral Home, we offer full-service funeral and cremation solutions to help with stress reduction during this difficult time. It can be hard to say goodbye to someone that you love. So, our staff will work tirelessly to take care of the details, giving you the time that is needed to focus on your family.

Funeral: An Important Part of Grieving

Not only is a funeral a time where you can showcase the life of a loved one. But, this event is an essential time for family and friends to grieve the loss. In fact, some grief experts have said that the funeral is one of the most important parts of grieving.

Just because you are holding a funeral, doesn’t mean that it needs to include specific traditions or activities. Instead, you have the freedom to select the details of the day. Some families like to stick with traditional practices. But, others want to modernize the funeral service or plan a Celebration of Life instead.

You should also consider ceremonies or practices that apply to the life and preferences of the deceased. If the person served in the military, then it is respectful to hold a military service. Or, you might want to include certain religious ceremonies as part of the service.

Deciding on the Details of the Funeral

As you are planning the funeral, you will encounter a long list of questions that need to be addressed. Our team understands the essential details that will guide the funeral planning process. So, we are selective about the questions that are asked, helping you decide on the right services to match the preferences of your family.

Here are a few of the decisions that need to be made for the funeral:

  • Location of the funeral services
  • What type of casket or urn
  • Pallbearers
  • Speakers at the event
  • View and graveside services
  • Location of the cemetery plot
  • Headstone for the grave
  • Officiator over the services
  • Meal or other activities for family members

There is one important detail that you need to remember: there isn’t a right or wrong answer when it comes to funeral planning. Consider the requests of the deceased and the needs of the family. Then, design a day that will be both memorable and respectful. The right activities can give people the opportunity to share their memories of the loved one.

Funeral Service and Cremation Options

A traditional funeral service typically includes a viewing, funeral, and graveside service. If you choose this plan, then it is likely that the body should be embalmed before the viewing. Also, you will need to choose the details for the graveside services and other aspects of the day.

Do you want to avoid the stress of a formal funeral? Some people find that a Celebration of Life is appropriate. This event is planned as a part to say goodbye to someone who was full of life and vitality. A Celebration of Life is designed to highlight the successes and accomplishments of the person. Instead of having a heavy funeral, it is a respectful gathering that showcases the personality of the deceased.

Cremation is one option that you might consider if you want flexibility with the final resting place. When a body is placed in a casket, then it needs to be laid to rest in a cemetery. On the other hand, cremated remains can be stored anywhere that you desire. You can keep them in an urn, or choose a place for scattering the ashes.

Customizing an Upcoming Funeral

What customization options are available for an upcoming funeral? The possibilities are endless! You need to pick the details; then our team will work to create the day that you imagined. There are many ways that you can turn a basic funeral into a Celebration of Life. Consider the unique details that will honor your loved one.

For example, you might incorporate an activity such as a balloon or lantern release. Or, bring in a live band so that everyone can enjoy the person’s favorite music. Don’t forget to choose a menu that includes the person’s favorite foods.

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