Personalized Cremations

By: Ron Curry
Monday, June 25, 2018

While cremations are becoming more and more popular, the main thing that’s holding people back from choosing this cost effective, eco-friendly and convenient disposition method is believed lack of personalization. A common misconception is that once your loved one is cremated, you won’t have a chance to hold a service or memorial. However, personalized cremations are not only possible, they’re easy. Cremations offer numerous alternatives to traditional funeral services so you can have a personalized and special memorial for your lost loved one in Irvington, NJ.

Cremations can be personalized in lots of ways, including:

  • Personalized Displays: Really memorialize what made the deceased special by setting up a personalized display for the memorial service after the cremation. Show off your loved one’s collectables or creations, be it model cars, favorite flowers, or an art display. Think about the deceased’s hobbies, interests or accomplishments to help guide you, and get creative.
  • Photo Tributes: Usually cremations have memorials after the cremation itself, so the body won’t be present at the memorial. In lieu of the body as a physical representation of the deceased, make a personalized photo tribute. Gather photos of the deceased that focus on special moments, relationships or interests.  You can also build a visual timeline of the deceased’s life with photos from birth to death and all the special moments in between.
  • Audiovisual Presentations: Utilize modern technology for your cremation. Put together an audiovisual presentation to honor the deceased using home videos, photos, music and more to really connect to your lost loved one. Center the presentation on happy times and important moments so you can say goodbye while remembering the joy. Since you won’t be stuck to a strict timeline after a cremation, you can reach out to extended family and friends to gather photos and videos. This way the presentation will be comprehensive, and everyone can be a part of the service.
  • Customized Urns: Urns take the place of gravesites in cremations as a physical lasting place to remember or visit the deceased. Enjoy the freedom urns allow by personalizing a cremation urn to reflect your loved one’s life. Convey the deceased’s unique traits and personality with engravings or plaques. You can also go with precious gemstones, carvings or paintings. Want to go even more personalized? Custom order an urn that features something meaningful. For example, if the deceased loved golf you can order a golf ball urn.

After The Cremation

You can continue to personalize and honor the deceased’s memory long after the cremation by hosting a scattering ceremony or a burial service to send your loved one to the final resting place. You can also send up balloons on special anniversaries, or even choose a less traditional way to house the cremated remains like customized jewelry, glass displays, or memorial trees.

Plinton Curry Funeral Home

No matter what you decide for your loved one’s cremation, Plinton Curry Funeral Home is here to help. We provide affordable cremation service in Irvington, NJ through our two locations: 411 West Broad Street, Westfield, NJ 07090 and 428 Elizabeth Ave Somerset, NJ 08873.  Please give us a call at 908-232-6869 or 732-469-3300 to learn more about cremations and how to best personalize the event for you and your family.

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