10 Ways To Mark A Death Anniversary

By: Jared Curry
Monday, August 27, 2018

funeral home and cremations in Newark, NJ

While grief and loss tend to lessen over time, the anniversary of a death is never easy. However, it’s possible to turn those painful days into moments for healing through meaningful acknowledgements. There are many things to do in memory of your lost loved one long after funeral home and cremations in Newark, NJ.  

  1. Visit the Final Resting Place – Take a quiet moment to remember your lost loved one at her grave, columbarium niche, or where her ashes were scattered.  
  2. Release Balloons or Butterflies – Butterflies and balloons are not only lovely, but they also represent renewal and hope.  
  3. Write Down Your Thoughts and Feelings – Your feelings toward the loss might shift over the years, so take some time to write down how you feel each anniversary. Any form will do, be it a letter to the deceased, private journal, poem or even a blog.  
  4. Play the Deceased’s Favorite Song – Music is meaningful, and certain songs can transport you back to wonderful, special moments. Play one of the deceased’s favorite songs, and let yourself take a walk down memory lane.  
  5. Host a Ceremony – Gather friends and family for a short ceremony to acknowledge the day. It can be religious if you so choose, but secular events are just as meaningful.  
  6. Take Quiet Time – It’s all right to not be feeling up for anything at all. Let yourself feel sad, angry, or any other emotion, and take time away for yourself.  
  7. Pay Respects with Flowers – Leaving flowers on a grave or resting place is a tradition for a reason. Flowers are beautiful and represent new life and growth. Choose a bouquet that reminds you of your loved one.  
  8. Go Through Photos – Dig out those old family photo albums and enjoy looking at pictures. You can even make an activity out of it and build a scrapbook with new pictures printed off of a social media page.  
  9. Order Memorial Jewelry – Memorial jewelry has been around since the 1800s, but modern technology allows new memorial jewelry to be truly special. Order a custom jewelry piece, be it a locket, bracelet, ring, or even beads, to wear everyday as a loving reminder.  
  10. Shine a Light – Lighting a candle in honor of a lost loved one is meaningful, ritualistic and healing. If you’re religious, light a candle in your place of worship. You can also light a candle at home, in a park, or anywhere else that has meaning to you.  Another more exciting option is to shoot off fireworks in honor of the deceased.  

An anniversary of a death is never easy, but you can use one of the above ideas to help make your grief more positive. If you want more information about death anniversary ideas, or have Newark, NJ funeral home and cremation questions, Plinton Curry Funeral Home can help. Pay us a visit at 411 W Broad St Westfield, NJ 07090, or give us a call at (908) 232-6869.  

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